By the Decision no. 185/1945 Episcopal Decree established the "Foundation for Children Exohon Pammakaristos" which the Episcopal Order 284/78 renamed FOUNDATION FOR THE KID "The PAMMAKARISTOS" and recognized the no. CPS decision 2644/78 the Prefecture Anat. Attica. Charity is a non-profit (NPID).
The Foundation is the social, therapeutic care, education, pre-vocational and vocational training and rehabilitation of children and young people from 3-35 years who have mental retardation, cognitive - intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism, or a combination of both elements autism syndrome Asperger, problems with speech and communication deficits in attention and concentration, behavioral problems and hyperactivity.

To overcome these difficulties, the Foundation has developed special programs for preschool education, school and teenage Iatropaidagogiki Unit provides accompanying, supportive and therapeutic services to students and their families, and girls' boarding school.


The Foundation for the Child "The PAMMAKARISTOS" began the social contribution on the site of present facilities in Nea Makri, in 1953, this time in response to social demand for caring for earthquake-stricken children, agreed to host 70 children from the after Kefalonia and the Ionian Islands, Santorini and Volos, areas affected by earthquakes. Children are ensured regular continued attendance at school was provided while the psychological and social support. Subsequently, the Foundation, in response to the call of the World Council of Churches, has agreed to host an on-site minors Greek refugees from the Soviet Union, Romania, Istanbul and Egypt. During this time, the old location of camp built houses suitable for housing a Boarding School, a Primary School and a School of Home Economics. Thus the foundation was laid for the provision of educational services from pre-school to vocational rehabilitation. The discovery of intense learning difficulties of refugee children in guest ordered the Foundation to modify programs. So the public school operated until then converted into Special School which staffed special education. Alongside created in 1976 and the institution of professional development workshops for young men and women with mental retardation and severe learning disabilities in line with international standards. Subsequently, the Foundation then responding to social needs, but also on scientific challenges and gradually began to accept children who faced off against serious learning problems and communication problems, and speech and autism. The continuous monitoring of new scientific concepts and social needs has made the Foundation as one of the few educational centers addressing autism. The effort has created a large number of installations, was associated with longer valid Autism Centers of Europe, a large number of refined and enriched with educational programs based on the most modern concepts.


Children and young people depending on the type, age and level of educational needs attending:
• In kindergarten where applicable integration programs and school integration (50 infants with and without special educational needs).
• In Elementary School which is supervised by the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs, attended by children aged 6-14 years with mental retardation or autism, or a combination of both disabilities.
• In Lab Special Vocational Education and Training (EEEEK) operating for 60 adolescents graduates Special Primary School, aged 14 to 22 years.
• The workshops: Ceramics, Cold Ceramics, Feeding, decorative weaving and 3 Departments of Daily Living for 60 young men and women aged 22 to 35 years.


These activities are complemented by the Foundation:
Station of child guidance and social services consist of: child psychiatrist, speech therapist, social workers, psychologists and special educators.
The Iatropaidagogikos station responds to requests of individual players or parents looking for children to
• Specify the category and degree of disability or special educational needs and
• The opportunity to join one of the educational units, taking into account of course and vacancies.

The members of the Scientific Unit cooperate with all Schools and Departments of the Institute by providing the following services:
1.Koinoniki Support for children and families.
2.Psychologiki support
3.Logotherapeia, restoring specific learning difficulties (dyslexia, etc..) And language development programs.
5.Efarmosmeni physical education (psychomotor), dancing, etc.
7.Dramatotherapeia, improvisation, theater games, painting.
8.Ypostirixi special education with H / Y and use specific educational software.

a. Boarding works for about 25 girls 3-35 years old from remote areas of the country.
• Due to complete absence of family environment
• Due to the need of forced removal from their family environment, suffering or serious social problems (abuse, family psychopathology, etc.) or economic hardship
• Due to the distance, as the Foundation's programs follow disabilities from various regions of Greece, where there is lack of such frameworks.
b. Boarding new wing designed for the hospitality of 26 children with autism and mental retardation in times of crisis and emergency needs of families. This program is considered one of the most progressive social programs in the country.

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