All the above mentioned prices are final (include all legal charges)

  • The educational ride with electric driven mini cars (children 3-6 years old) includes a theoretical part for 5 minutes, preparation for the ride for 2 minutes and pure driving in the secondary road safety park for 5 minutes.
  • The educational ride with petrol driven mini cars (children 7-14 years old) includes a theoretical part for 5-13 minutes (it depends on the number and level of the participating children), preparation for the ride (wearing helmets and seat belts and get instructions for operating the mini cars) for 3 minutes and pure driving in the main road safety park for 7 minutes. The theoretical part is omitted in case of repetition during the same day.
  • Water wars. Water wars game includes 7 water balls.
  • Mini golf. Unlimited use of the 18 holes mini golf playground (unlimited repetitions) until the park’s closing time.
  • Inflatable playground. Unlimited use of the playground with the inflatable games until the park’s closing time
  • Playgrounds. Unlimited use of the football (5X5) ground, the basketball ground and the ping-pong with natural lighting. The use of the playgrounds on an exclusive basis and/or with night lights is subject to prior arrangements.
  • Electric train. Five circles with the electrical train.
  • Bowling. Outdoor bowling. Unlimited play in 1 corridor until the park's closing time.At least one of the participating players should be an adult who will have the responsibility for the proper use of the involving equipment (balls-pins).


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